• Sinusitis

    There are many different types of sinus infections.  Whether it is acute, recurrent, or chronic sinusitis, Arlington Sinus Center will help you get through it.

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  • In-Office Balloon Dilation

    Balloon Sinuplasty uses a special instrument to dilate your sinus openings without having to cut any tissues. You can have relief of your sinus symptoms in under 1 hour!

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  • Sinus Surgery

    Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) utilizes specialized instruments and cameras to open the sinuses in patients with severe and irreversible sinus disease.

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Sinusitis affects 37 million people each year

Making it one of the most common health problems in the U.S. It is more prevalent than heart disease and asthma and has a greater impact on quality of life than chronic back pain or congestive heart failure. Symptoms may significantly affect people physically, functionally, and emotionally.

Don't just live with it. We can help.

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  • In-Office CT Scanner

    Cross Timber ENT has a brand new in-office CT scanner.  Patients can get a CT of the sinuses in a mere 20 seconds.  No waiting and no need to go to another facility!

  • Sublingual Immunotherapy

    A great way to treat allergies for children or adults who don’t like shots. Just place the drops under your tongue instead of having to get allergy shots.  Save time by not having to come in for weekly shots.

  • Penicillin Allergy Testing

    Did your mother ever say you had a penicillin allergy as a child? Not really sure? Now offering a test to see if you truly have a penicillin allergy. Many sinus diseases are treated with penicillin as the first drug of choice. Don’t be restricted on what antibiotic you can take.

  • Immunotherapy Shots

    Do you have severe allergies and medications are just not helping? Immunotherapy changes the way your body reacts to allergies.  Weekly allergy shots are covered by most insurances and can help alleviate your allergy symptoms.

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Drs. Cho, Leffingwell, and Shellenberger are board certified Otolaryngologists that provide care for children and adults with sinus and nasal disorders. We offer comprehensive exams and treatment plans which can include medical as well as surgical options.

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